In LOYS AG's analysis process, in addition to the conventional quantitative and qualitative company valuation, all companies are screened for compliance with applicable ESG standards. At LOYS AG, this integrated ESG approach is based on three building blocks:

I. Minimum exclusions

All LOYS portfolio stocks must meet the minimum ESG requirements according to BVI industry standards (exclusion list). To ensure compliance, we rely on research from industry leader MSCI.

II. Proprietary ESG Research

LOYS AG has developed a proprietary ESG questionnaire that is used by our analysts as part of our analysis and through discussions with companies. Based on these findings we discuss whether there are ESG aspects that need to be considered in the valuation of any company. 

III. ESG screening 

Since providers' ratings differ significantly, we additionally use a specially developed screening tool in order to analyze peculiarities and anomalies before they find their way into the providers’ ratings.

The ESG process is applied to the entire range of funds at LOYS. We are also a signatory to the UN PRI.